Transfer Complete

We transfer real values. Everything runs smoothly when you choose marine and railcar/tank truck loading systems from SVT. We develop complete solutions that are as individual and high quality as the goods you need to load. For over 40 years, we have aspired to offer:
Complete Safety – Complete Satisfaction – Complete Success. Or simply put: Transfer complete.

To be completely impressive, each individual detail has to be just right. The special thing about marine and land loading systems from SVT is that not only does everything fit together perfectly, but each individual service also optimizes the overall package. We offer a comprehensive system of loading technology with complete loading stations, keeping the most valuable asset for both of us in mind – success.

LNG Bunkering

The world's first LNG Bunkering Arm was implemented by SVT at the Skangas Terminal in Stavanger, Norway. It was put into operation in May 2015 and has been used successfully ever since. The special feature in this case is that it can be used for the loading process during boarding, both passengers and vehicles.


SVT Marine Loading Arms

Find out more about SVT’s ATLANTIC, ARCTIC, PACIFIC, and RIVA marine loading arms and corresponding system elements: ROTAFLEX swivel joints, SVT’s Emergency Release Couplers (ERC), SVT’s Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC), controllers, and constant position monitoring system (CPMS).

SVT Marine Loading Arms

SVT Land Loading Arms

Here you will find everything you need to know about SVT’s loading arms for railcars and tank trucks: the TERRA-Max, TERRA-Komplex, and TERRA-Duplex series of loading arms, as well as TERRA loading systems, which also encompass additional loading platforms, folding stairs, and protective cages.

SVT Land Loading Arms


We safely meet even the most extreme requirements – and do so worldwide. In order to ensure that this is the case, all SVT products are designed, manufactured, and tested in Germany – “Made in Germany” in the truest sense of the phrase.

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