We Transfer Precious Cargo

We transfer precious cargo. Load and unload smoothly and effortlessly with SVT marine and land loading arms. We develop end-to-end solutions that are as unique and valuable as the cargo you load.

Our mission for over 50 years:
Complete Safety – Complete Satisfaction – Complete Success
In short: Transfer complete.

For a solution to be impressive, every detail in it has to be just right. SVT marine and land loading arms meet that standard – and surpass it: Not only do the parts all fit together seamlessly, but each component optimizes the entire solution. With SVT, you get fully featured loading arms, including complete loading systems, that supply the commodity that you and we value the most: success.

The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm is a hydraulically driven loading arm with a separate support structure.

The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm is a hydraulically driven loading arm developed specifically for loading liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The SVT PACIFIC Marine Loading Arm is a self-supporting marine loading arm designed specifically for medium to large working ranges.

The SVT RIVA marine loading arm is a basic self-supporting marine loading arm designed for small to medium working ranges.

The TERRA line of SVT land loading arms is specifically designed to safely and efficiently load and unload tank railcars and tank trucks.


Complete Safety. Complete Satisfaction. Complete Success.

…you know it’s SVT when everything works perfectly!

LNG Bunkering

SVT supplied the world’s first LNG bunkering loading arm to the Skangas terminal in Stavanger, Norway. The loading arm was installed in May 2015 and has been running very successfully ever since. It has the unusual ability to allow passengers and vehicles to board during bunkering.

Corporate Video

We can safely and reliably meet your requirements, no matter how extreme. Anywhere in the world. To meet this standard, SVT designs, fabricates and tests all its products in Germany. That way, it can supply the very best in German engineering.


Thousands of SVT loading systems have been installed on every continent

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