Main features

Verladetechnik RIVA Schiffsverlader Landverlader
  • Designed for smaller working ranges
  • Ideal for operation at protected loading areas without major ship movements
  • Easy manual operation with pull ropes
  • Minimal time and costs for installation and commissioning
  • Quick and easy routine maintenance

Technical details

Verladetechnik RIVA
Verladetechnik RIVA
Verladetechnik RIVA
  • Basic self-supporting construction
  • Nominal bore from 4 „to 10“
  • A double counterweight system ensures optimal balancing
  • Optional accessory: SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC)
  • Vacuum breakers, flushing and residual emptying valves, process sensors or heating system can be installed
Design Standards


Swivel Joints ROTAFLEX

Equipment experience

Emergency Release Coupler (ERC)

Equipment experience

Connection couplings QCDC Classic

Equipment experience

Connection couplings QCDC Vario

Equipment experience

Control System & CPMS

Equipment experience

Further ship loaders


The slim alternative

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Maximum pressure

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First choice for cryogenic applications

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The Allrounder

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