Main features

  • Fast, safe and convenient ship connection
  • Quick adjustment to fit one flange size smaller
  • Extremely compact length thanks to the flanged configuration over the last swivel joint
  • Wide lead-in chamfers make it easier to maneuver the loading arm to the manifold flange
  • Due to its low weight, it is suitable for easy retrofitting
  • Certified to relevant international standards

Technical details

  • Available in hydraulic version
  • Quickly adjusts manually to fit one flange size smaller – no tools required
  • Nominal bore from 6 „to 16“
  • Operating temperature from -50 ° C to + 80 ° C
  • Rated for various pressures (e.g. 150 lbs, 300 lbs)
  • Different sealing materials for adaptation to medium and temperature


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As the world's leading manufacturer of loading equipment, SVT develops and manufactures complete loading systems for the safe loading of liquids and gases.

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