Main features

Verladetechnik ATLANTIC Schiffsverlader Landverlader
  • Universal accessories for each application
  • No compromises regarding safety
  • Good worldwide reputation regarding absolute reliability
  • Easy maintenance and repair features
  • For more than 50 years constant further development in cooperation with our customers
  • More than 2000 loading arms already delivered

Technical details

Verladetechnik ATLANTIC Schiffsverlader
Verladetechnik ATLANTIC Schiffsverlader
  • Separate support structure to absorb the main forces
  • Constant diameter of the product line with identical flanged swivel joints
  • Easy implementation of a vapour recovery line, a second product line or additional draining and flushing lines
  • Ideally suited for heating system and insulation
  • Product line in steel, low-temperature steel, stainless steel or with a lining to adapt to all types of media
  • Balancing through a double counterweight system
  • A pantograph cable system effectively absorbs vibrations
Design Standards


Swivel Joints ROTAFLEX

Equipment experience

Emergency Release Coupler (ERC)

Equipment experience

Connection couplings QCDC Classic

Equipment experience

Connection couplings QCDC Vario

Equipment experience

Control System & CPMS

Equipment experience

Further ship loaders


Manual version

Product experience


The slim alternative

Product experience


Maximum pressure

Product experience


First choice for cryogenic applications

Product experience
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