Main features

  • Designed for safe and efficient loading and unloading of rail cars and tank and container trucks
  • Complete series of top and bottom loading arms which, together with their system elements and their accessories, can be adapted to virtually every one of our clients‘ requirements
  • Platforms, folding stairs, safety cages, jumper assemblies, etc. are also available, complementing the loading arm series – turning it, in fact, into a complete loading station

Technical details

  • In every position, all TERRA Loading Arms are fully balanced and can be operated manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or even electrically
  • The individual arm lengths can be freely selected according to the customers‘ requirements
  • TERRA Loading Arms of the program are used for the transfer of liquid and gaseous products such as aluminum alkyls, chlorine, acids, alkalis, and liquid gas including LNG or bitumen and sulfur
  • Loading Arms for products of the food and pharmaceutical industries are of course available
  • Various special requests can be considered with regard to material, inspection or corrosion protection
Design Standards


Swivel Joints ROTAFLEX

Equipment experience

SVT Emergency Release Coupler (ERC)

Equipment experience

Further land loaders

TERRA Komplex

Safe loading from top

Product experience

TERRA Duplex

Two that complement each other

Product experience


The down-to-earth type

Product experience

Folding Stairs / Platforms

To be on the safe side thanks to us

Product experience
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