• SVT Emergency Release Couplers
  • SVT Emergency Release Couplers
  • SVT Emergency Release Couplers

Emergency Release Couplers (ERC)

SVT’s emergency release couplers are an integral part of most marine loading arms. With the loading arm’s self-monitoring function, the coupler can detect a potentially hazardous situation caused by a drifting ship in time to initiate an emergency release.

  • Nominal bores from 4" to 20"
  • Operating temperature from –196°C to +250°C
  • Lining and/or heating available
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications
  • Full flow-through thanks to ball valves; at the same time, maximum protection from pressure blows
  • Minimal release volume
  • Single-cylinder design with a mechanical interlock guarantees that ball valves are completely closed before disconnecting
    the fastener
  • Highest possible safety through minimum probability of failure
  • Special test fasteners to test without a test flange 
  • Certified in accordance with relevant international rules
    and standards
  • SIL classification possible 
  • Lighter construction for gas lines and railcar/tank truck
    loading arms